Let’s Be Transparent

When customers ask about our ranch and our practices, we always have the same answer: “We do turkey one way. The right way.” It’s what we call the Diestel Difference. This is a promise to always be—not the biggest—but the best. It’s a promise never to give our turkeys anything we wouldn’t give our own […]

Reducing Chemicals for Your Family and the Planet

The proper handling and processing of meat and poultry products along with thorough cleaning and sanitation of manufacturing plants are critical elements to maintain food safety, and therefore, protect public health. At Diestel Family Ranch, we take food safety seriously. And we go above and beyond to ensure that our products are not only safe […]

We Give A….%#@&!

What is compost? In a nutshell, compost is decayed organic matter; it is organic carbon and nitrogen that reacts to breakdown over a period of time. Compost is crucial for farming and agriculture. Compost is the material left after the organic matter is decomposed, and it can be applied to the land as an organic […]

Give Turkeys Time to Be Turkeys

My Dad, Tim, has always made it a point to exercise daily and give space for thoughtful reflection. Whether it is spending time outside or writing in a journal, I feel personal reflection is a key component in our very busy world. I also make this a priority and use this time as an opportunity […]

A Farm You Can Stand Behind: Diestel’s 68-Year Commitment to Animal Welfare and Sustainability

Dear Diestel Consumers, You may have heard about the lawsuit and protests being pursued by the animal rights activist group DxE. We wanted to offer some perspective. Diestel strongly denies any wrong doing and will vigorously defend itself and our farming practices against these baseless claims. DxE’s allegations are unfounded and do not represent our […]

Southwestern Turkey Chorizo Frittata

Black beans, corn, peppers with flavorful and lean turkey chorizo make a frittata perfect for brunch, lunch or a “breakfast for dinner” meal! Enjoy all the flavors, texture and color this dish celebrates. Diestel Product: 1 lb Diestel Turkey Chorizo, split* Ingredients: 1 tsp olive oil 1 yukon gold potato, 1/2 in cubes (1 cup […]

Crock Pot Mexican Turkey Soup

We just love the ease of slow cooking and it is as easy as 1-2-3! 1-layer ingredients in your crock pot 2-set it 3-forget it The result- a warm, comforting bowl of turkey soup flavorful with chili spices, peppers, tomatoes and more! Perfect as is or serve in a tortilla or over cauliflower rice. Diestel […]

Diestel’s Commitment to Animal Welfare

Dear Diestel Customers, We wanted to address the recent allegations by Direct Action Everywhere. At the Diestel Family Turkey Ranch, we are very proud of our sustainable farming practices and the treatment of our turkeys. One of the last small, family-owned turkey grower-processors in the United States, we are committed to animal welfare and transparency. […]

Diestel Launching Non-GMO Verified: Grab’n Go Slices

Diestel Turkey Announces Non-GMO Project Verification Diestel Turkey Ranch launching 1st EVER Non-GMO Verified Natural & Organic Sliced Deli Line Sonora, CA – Diestel Turkey Ranch is pleased to offer the 1st Non-GMO Natural & Organic sliced deli line. The verification is the latest testament to the company’s deepened commitment to sustainability and Non-GMO movement. […]