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Heidi Diestel

Meet the Maker: Heidi Diestel

Posts Friday, April 16th

This month, we thought we’d try something new.

We spend a whole lot of time introducing you to your new favorite products (um… hello, like all of them?) but we’ve never taken the time to sit down and introduce you to our oldie but goodie favorite products. Now, we can’t guarantee they’ll unseat your reigning champion, but the family’s going to do its darndest to convince you. Winner gets… well, the satisfaction of knowing we’ve got one more meathead in our camp.

I’ll go first.

Two words, five syllables, and just about endless possibilities: Turkey chorizo.

When any old sausage just won’t do (and let’s be honest, it happens often) I reach for big, bad ground turkey chorizo. It’s seasoned with a special blend of spices, which gives it a whole lot of flavor without any extra heat. It makes a great breakfast casserole, a perfect addition to your taco Tuesday, or you can eat it right out of the frying pan, spoon by satisfying spoon. (If it’s not clear, it’s versatile: breakfast, lunch, or dinner—and any time in between.)

We’ve been making our turkey chorizo for almost 15 years. It started with a local family in Sonora, who asked us to make a chorizo for their Mexican restaurant. We sourced a special chili from New Mexico to make it sing, which is where it gets its signature spice and flavor-blasting benefits. That’s what makes it so unique (and so good).

But to really understand, you can’t just read about it. You’ve got to feel the romance

I once made a cheese dip using our turkey chorizo and Velveeta Cheese. (I know, I know, it’s totally off brand, but all things in moderation, right?) Anyway, I brought it to one of our Diestel family dinners, and the family thoroughly enjoyed it.

I may have gotten some backlash after I let loose that it wasn’t made with 100% all-natural ingredients, but to this day it’s one of our family’s few exceptions to the rules of clean eating. 8oz of Velveeta coming in hot!

Let’s see if the rest of the family can top that.



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