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Picking PERFECT Poultry

Posts Wednesday, October 12th

Picking the perfect bird for your gathering ensures there’ll be no party fowl on your watch.

Need options? We’ve got ‘em.


Size matters

It’s not rocket science, but there is a bit of math required to get that just-right bird for your crowd of friends & family.
Use our time-tested formula of 1.5 lbs per person, regardless of their age, fighting weight, or consumption of sides.
Best case scenario, you’ve got just enough turkey that everyone can indulge as much as they want while still having enough in the fridge for a late-night turkey sando.
Other best case scenario: you end up with just a TINY bit too much, which means you can get super excited about recipes that utilize all those leftovers. 


To brine or not to brine

How large is your largest bucket? Big enough to hold your bird and all the brining liquid? If so, maybe you’re a seasoned pro at DIY brining and you’re already skimming to the end of this paragraph.
If not, may I suggest a pre-brined turkey this year? With our friends at Fra’Mani, we created a Brined and Seasoned Young Turkey that’s a fan fave every year. Get crazy, or not. You’re the boss here.


Shortcuts please

Maybe you’re keeping it low-key this year, & want to host but skip the whole “all day in the kitchen” thing.
Maybe you’re hosting WAY too many people and need one thing to be a guaranteed hit. Drumroll please… presenting our Naturally Smoked Whole Turkey.
These beauties are slow-cooked over natural hardwoods, so all they need are a few hours to warm in the oven – two hours, tops! Talk about a sure thing.


It’s just us two…

You might not expect this from the family that’s selling you the turkey, but it is A-OK to pass on roasting a whole bird.
If you’re keeping Thanksgiving small this year, a turkey breast roast is perfect for feeding six to eight guests.
Want another option for stress-free savory satisfaction?
Check out our Holiday Cook-In Bag Turkey Breast Roast: no prep, no mess, & you’ve got a mouthwateringly delicious turkey.
Clean(er) kitchen for the win!


With the right bird secured (and delivered!), hosting can be heaven instead of a 400°F hell.



Throw it on Instagram and tag @diestelfamilyranch. We’d love to see what you’ve got.