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Meet the Maker:
Jason Diestel

Posts Wednesday, May 19th

If you’ve been following our family, then you probably know by now that Jared and I have a healthy competition going on.

About what? Just about everything, and pretty much all the time.

Sure, the turkey burgers with bacon are good. Really good. In fact, they’re lick-your-fingers good (we don’t want to step on your toes, Colonel). But are they the best? Not by a long shot.

So what is? Our fresh roasted deli slices. I’ll say it again: Fresh. Roasted. Deli. Slices.

We’ve been making fresh roasted deli meat since before organic was cool. Our mom, Joan Diestel, who ran the ranch before we got our mitts on it, is a registered dietician and started making less processed deli meat because it was the right thing to do.

I never thought it was that cool when I was a kid, but today I know it, and you know it: Joan was (and is) a total badass. The better poultry OG, know what I’m sayin’?

Anyway, what makes it so good? There’s really nothing to it. No, really. Flip it over and check the label, and you’ll find one lonely ingredient: organic turkey. It’s simple enough that you can take it anywhere. In fact, it was my trailside staple hiking the Teton Crest Trail, and I’m here to tell you about it, aren’t I? Clearly something went very, very right. I’m here to tell you it’s the turkey.

And it’s not just great when you’re one-upping your brother-in-law on the trail, either. It’s the perfect addition to your favorite sandwich, cut up in your salad, or—yes—by the handful.

Not a deli meat person? What’s wrong with you? (Kidding—sort of.) Try our Italian turkey sausage instead. It makes a mean meatball, and it’s got a just-right balanced flavor that’s great in any dish.



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