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Tablescape with cookbooks and to do list

Turkey Day To-Do's

Posts Monday, November 21st

Happy almost-Thanksgiving! It’s a busy & bustling time up here at the ranch, as our team works hard to get turkeys to each and every home that’s chosen our 4th generation family farm to provide for their holiday celebration. It’s a time full of gratitude, long hours, and pitching in wherever needed, such as my husband (and president of Diestel Family Ranch) driving a forklift this week to help fulfill orders.

I hope your week is not *quite* this busy, and that it’s full of anticipatory joy at the gathering of friends and family just around the corner.

In order to help with that holiday happiness, I’ve compiled a to-do list below that should help keep you organized and on-time. Fingers crossed.




  • Count plates, silverware, wine glasses, & water glasses
  • Assign platters and serving utensils for each dish (placing a paper note on each is super helpful for when family tries to “help” in the kitchen next week)
  • Iron napkins and tablecloth
  • Purchase or find containers for leftovers
  • Determine which stockpot to use for making stock after carving bird
  • Empty and clean coolers for beverage storage or brining
  • Clear space in fridge
  • Set table


  • Purchase and chill NA beverages, wine, & beer
  • Buy ice for cocktails & sodas
  • Purchase any last-minute groceries



  • Make cranberries
  • Assemble ingredients for other make-ahead dishes



  • Make pies
  • Tidy public spaces of home



  • Empty dishwasher
  • Start the festivities with a clean sink & a new sponge, so those guests who insist on helping with the dishes will have a clear space to work (hey, we can dream right?)
  • Place a stack of clean dishtowels within easy reach



  • Rest!
  • Sweatpants!
  • Leftovers! We’ve got some recipe ideas for you here.