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Hosting & Toasting

Posts Thursday, October 13th

You’re hosting, and this year is gonna be your best yet.

We love that. And, we’ve got the know-how to help you nail it.


Guest List

Who’s invited? We recommend inviting early and considering those who may not have their usual shindig to attend. Dinner is WAY more fun with a few wild cards at the table, right?

Knowing your head count early allows you to purchase the right size turkey (thoughts on that here) and ensures you have enough dishes & glassware.
(HOW MANY wine glasses have you broken this year?!!)


Table settings

Do a quick assessment now (Ok, not right now – finish this post at least) of your serving utensils, platters, glassware and napkins so you’re not rushing to buy replacements the week of Thanksgiving. Feeling extra? You could start labeling each platter with its intended dish, ironing napkins, & generally getting ahead of it all to feel sane over Thanksgiving week.


Fridge Space

Be honest, do you have enough? Coolers can be very handy for chilling wine & other bottled beverages, for keeping desserts cool and out of the way (no “taste testing” all day), and for storing your bird before it’s time to shine.


Gratitude, aka Toasting

Do you have a tradition of toasting or sharing moments of gratitude at your table?
If not, now’s the time to try something new.

Perhaps you ask your guests to reflect on their blessings prior to sitting down for dinner, then do a round-robin to share with the group. Perhaps you ask each guest to write a small note of thanks & appreciation to each attendee. This could also be the year you write a beautiful hostess speech that won’t leave a dry eye in the place.


You’ve got lots to accomplish, and we’ve got faith in you. Get that to-do list started and check out our blog post on Thanksgiving math – yep, it’s a thing.



Throw it on Instagram and tag @diestelfamilyranch. We’d love to see what you’ve got.