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jared diestel

Meet the Maker: Our President

Posts Friday, May 7th

Last time around, you heard from Heidi and her love for the Diestel Family Ranch turkey chorizo.

She’s not wrong. It’s a good sausage. It’s a great sausage, even. But is it my favorite? No, not hardly. And that’s because I can do you one better: our quarter pound turkey burgers with bacon.

diestel family ranch turkey bacon burger

As if I needed to tell you twice, right? But I’ve still got the microphone, so let me just give you a little more to feast on in your mind’s mouth. (If you’ve got a mind’s eye, then it’s got to have a mouth, right?)

Alright, so it’s a relatively new addition to the family, but it’s very quickly earned its place at the top. It’s premium Diestel turkey with premium Pederson Farms pork bacon mixed in. How could you beat that?

If the best part of the burger is, well, the burger, then a close runner-up has to be all of the memories from R&D, when we got to eat burgers and bacon every day for weeks! It was like some version of Groundhog’s Day, only more mouthwatering. It was especially delicious because, as much as the Diestel family has welcomed me in with open arms, I’m still “the foreigner” here, so when I floated the idea of putting a non-turkey protein on the table, I was met with some resistance. It was touch and go, but the full flavor and delightful texture of this delicious burger won everybody over very, very quickly. (Yes, even Heidi with her turkey chorizo.)

As if you needed another reason to love them (you know, apart from how easy they are to love), they celebrate the work of farmers who are doing things right with one delicious patty that brings everybody together ‘round the table.



Throw it on Instagram and tag @diestelfamilyranch. We’d love to see what you’ve got.