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Meet The Family

The Family Behind the Fowl

The Diestel Family Ranch has been in the family for over 70 years. It all began with Great Uncle Ernest, who taught our Grandpa Jack everything he knew. With Great Uncle Ernest’s time-tested techniques and honest philosophies, Grandpa Jack founded our humble farm in 1949. Since then, we’ve done everything but compromise the values he staked his name on to raise the leanest, cleanest, most delicious birds that money can buy. It’s a tradition that’s survived for decades, most recently with Tim and Joan Diestel, who laid a sound foundation for the transition from their watchful eye to their children, Heidi and Jason Diestel.

Sure, the Diestel Family Ranch is now under its fourth generation of family management, and you can expect that transition to come with a hefty helping of new ideas, renewed passion, and, well, new arguments around our family dinner table. But our commitment to doing things right will never change—not even if we make it to our fortieth generation.

Heidi Orrock (Diestel)

Heidi grew up working alongside her mom, Joan Diestel, working on the ranch, helping with customer service, and getting meat lovers excited about the bold taste of turkey at demos and trade shows across the country—when she wasn’t serving aces on the court.

Her mission (yes, she chose to accept it) is to help people eat better with pure, nourishing, whole foods—things like the lean, clean, protein raised on the Diestel Family Ranch. Heidi believes in advancing peoples’ understanding of nutrition and health so much that she received her Certified Personal Trainer Certification in 2006 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. It’s really that important.

Now that she’s at the helm of Diestel Family Ranch—and a mother herself—Heidi is more committed than ever to helping children and their families understand the power of good nutrition—and to put that power to use in their everyday lives.

For her, that starts with education. She continues to look for opportunities to work with schools on lunches, gardens, and nutritional programming.

“Family has been such an important part of my life,” she says, “I’m humbled to help to support yours.”

Heidi Diestel

Jason Diestel

Jason has loved food and farming since growing up working alongside his dad, Tim Diestel, and his grandpa, Jack Diestel, on the ranch he now helps run.

Jason turned his attention to sustainable farming in college, where he led a humus composting project—the first of many excuses to nerd out on carbon farming and creating more nutrient-dense food, and what ultimately led to his role on the farm today.

Jason has always been one of the loudest voices urging us to keep looking for ways to make our ranch even better. He’s helped us to pioneer at every level of our operation, from how we raise and care for our birds (and why they taste so damn good) to the ways we can use our ranch to replenish the Earth. As a turkey farmer who understands the role of healthy soil in the greater food web, he knows that caring for the land is one of the most important contributions Diestel Family Ranch can make.

Jason also leads our gargantuan compost program, helping CSA farmers, Master Gardeners, and school gardens to be more productive and more responsible. It’s a commitment he takes home, too; Jason is always working to move Diestel Family Ranch forward as a visionary in the health of the ranch—and of the people who buy our products.

Off the clock, he’s certifiably crazy—at least when it comes to his fitness. Jason has completed the grueling KOKORO, a training program modeled after the US Navy Seals crucible “Hell Week.” He’s also completed the 50K Bighorn Trail Run. Who knows what’s next?

And because we know you’re wondering, ladies, he’s a Leo—but he’s taken.


Jared Orrock

Growing up in Sonora, Jared spent Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks helping his friends, Jason and Garrett Diestel, out around the farm, lending a hand with holiday distribution and attending the occasional trade show.

After several years in Silicon Valley working as a public accountant for various technology companies, Jared married Heidi Diestel and traded SaaS for sass, moving back home to join the Diestel Family Ranch team—first as Controller, then CFO, and now President, a role for which his M.S. in Agricultural Business and his MBA are well suited.

If there’s one thing that gets Jared absolutely pumped about Diestel Family Ranch, it’s the challenge of providing thoughtfully produced, premium products at every stage of operation—and working alongside a passionate team to give consumers across the country a bird worth coming together for.

Not to be outdone by his brother-in-law Jason, Jared is also an avid athlete, adventurer, and foodie. He pitches extreme sports and challenges like everyday activities. A casual dirt bike ride from Utah to Canada? Check. Spontaneous 24-hour endurance events? Check. An off-the-couch 200-mile bike ride? Check. Early Spring peak bagging in the Sierra Nevada mountains? Check, check, and check.

We wish we were joking.

jared diestel