The Diestel Family of Turkeys

Everything we do on our ranch is family-centered, so it’s no surprise that we are quite proud of our family of Diestel Turkeys! Our delicious, premium turkeys come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6- 30 pounds, and we offer organic, all-natural, heirloom, and pasture-raised varieties. For every celebration, large gathering, or weeknight dinner, you’ll have the perfect sized Diestel turkey available to enjoy.

All of our whole body Diestel turkeys are raised under our strict standards. We support our turkeys with a healthy environment, fresh mountain water, and the clean air from the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Our feed never contains fillers, our birds are never given growth stimulants or antibiotics, and we never make compromises when it comes to the quality of the feed.

GAP 5 Pasture Raised

Our Pasture Raised turkeys were the first turkeys to obtain the highest GAP rating of 5! These birds are raised entirely on green, irrigated pastures (compliments of Diestel compost and reclaimed water) and are a part of our holistic multi-species rotational grazing program. We are practicing polyculture farming with our method of continuously rotating these turkeys with our chickens, goats, sheep, and hogs. This traditional style of farming ensures we replenish the soil nutrients by raising diverse species on the land. And of course, these birds are never given antibiotics or growth stimulants. Slow-grown and raised on foraged feed and our 100% vegetarian grains, these birds are vibrantly healthy, the way nature intended. Diestel Pasture Raised Turkeys range from 10-30 lbs.

The Organic American Heirloom Collection

At Diestel, we’re excited to offer rare and unique breeds of turkeys for our customers to enjoy. The Organic American Heirloom Collection is like bringing back a piece of history. Not only do these delicious turkeys taste just like what great-grandma used to serve, but we are preserving rare breeds of turkeys that date back to the 1920’s!

Our Organic American Heirloom Collection of old-fashioned turkeys are a mix of Auburn, Black, and American Bronze turkeys. The Auburn turkey, also known as the Mexican Black turkey, originally came from Mexico. The early explorers took the bird to Europe, domesticated it, and brought it back to the United States. The birds are hardy and are well-adapted to the foothill environment, where our Diestel Turkey Ranch is located. The flavor of the meat is exceptionally rich — just as turkeys were back in great-grandmother’s day.

Diestel Organic Auburn, Black, and American Bronze Turkey Heirloom Breeds

The American Bronze Heirloom turkey is a descendant of the original wild North American turkey, which was domesticated both in the American colonies and in Europe. American Bronze Heirloom birds are known for their traditional appearance and delicious meat. In fact, these were likely the same turkeys that the pilgrims enjoyed.

Giving you, our customer, the best of both worlds

We raise our organic Heirloom turkeys to provide our customers with the “best of both worlds”: old-world history, flavor and beauty, in combination with a wonderful yield of meat and that great classic turkey flavor.

Furthermore, in keeping with the tradition of preserving these Heirloom beauties, we handle the birds the old-fashioned way, as it was done in the early part of the 20th century. We provide the most natural environment and methods to raise our organic Heirloom birds.

Diestel Heirloom birds are slow grown in Northern California, where the deep well water and fresh mountain air complements the Heirloom turkey’s diet of certified organic grains. Our birds are fed a vegetarian diet that’s 100% free of GMOs, animal by-products, antibiotics, growth enhancers and hormones.

Enjoy history at its finest, with the flavor that you’ve come to expect from Diestel turkeys. The American Heirloom Collection Turkey ranges 10-30 lbs, GAP Step 3.

The Organic Diestel Turkey

In keeping with our family tradition of producing exceptional turkeys, we also produce Diestel Organic (also known as Heidi’s Hens®) – The Certified Organic Turkey. These organic turkeys are raised with certified organic feed, which by definition is also NON-GMO! If you want a certified organic choice, you’ll love the Diestel Organic Turkey. The Organic line whole body birds range from 6-30 lbs, GAP Step 3.

The Diestel Petite Turkey

The Diestel Petite Turkey is perfect to enjoy every day! If you’re looking for a smaller turkey that you can easily prepare any day of the week, all year long, the Diestel Petite Turkey is just right. At just 6-10 pounds when fully matured, it’s the perfect size for the BBQ, rotisserie, and roasting. These all-natural birds may be small in size, but don’t be fooled – their meat-to-bone ratio is indeed superior, GAP Step 2.

The Original Diestel

It all started with the Original Diestel turkey. These all-natural, slow-growing birds are given plenty of time and space to develop naturally, resulting in a juicy, tender turkey with our signature old-fashioned flavor. These turkeys are known for “all that white meat.” You can count on them being tender and juicy with real turkey flavor! The Original Diestel turkey ranges from 6 to 40+ lbs, GAP Step 2.

Learn more about our family story, and come visit our beautiful ranch for yourself!