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A lot has changed, and nothing’s changed.

Posts Sunday, May 19th

When Grandpa Jack started Diestel Family Ranch in 1949, there’s no way he could have imagined how his humble ranch would grow. Still, he took his work seriously. He took his time, walked the flock every day, and obsessed over the health of his birds and the environments in which they lived. Perhaps most importantly, he stood by the values on which he founded his ranch in the first place.

Somewhere along the way, Diestel Family Ranch caught fire—figuratively—and 70 years later, we’re one of the best respected independent turkey producers in the industry. What hasn’t caught yet is the passion most people have for turkey.

Yeah, we said “yet.”

Growing up on the ranch, we discovered early just how damn tasty turkey can be, not only during the holidays, but all year round. We put it in our tacos. We ate it with breakfast. We even snacked on it in between classes. If there’s one thing we learned, it’s that nothing beats good turkey done right.

Today, decades later, we’re running the farm. You might have noticed a hot new website that does the outrageous taste of our turkeys justice (and maybe a little extra sass in our tone), but not a lot else is going to change.

Like Great-Uncle Ernest so many years ago, we’ll do everything but compromise the values we were founded on to raise the leanest, cleanest, most delicious birds that money can buy. We’ll keep looking for ways to make our ranch more sustainable, ethical, and efficient. And we’ll continue our work to preserve and advance the art of independent farming for everyone.

If there’s one thing we promise to change before handing the ranch off to the next generation, it’s this: We will get America excited about turkey again.

Try any of our traditional or heirloom turkey products and you’ll see: It shouldn’t take us long.

Gobble gobble,

Heidi, Jason, and Jared
Fourth Generation Family Farmers