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Jason Compost sm

A World of Good Through Regenerative Agriculture

Posts Monday, June 4th

Did you know that one yard of our Diestel compost can do the job of ten yards of commodity compost made in a nearby city? What’s the carbon footprint on that? One truck hauling one load of quality compost vs. making ten trips to haul ten loads of commodity compost! Better farm yields with fewer inputs! Reduction in water usage by improving the soil’s ability to hold water! And these are just some of the many positive results of adopting regenerative agriculture practices at our on-farm compost yard.

At Diestel Family Ranch we know that regenerative agriculture practices improve soil health to produce high-quality, nutrient-dense food and improve farm production – the positive impacts of which can extend beyond our local community to reach national, even world economic boosting scale. Leveraging these practices protects our environment and without them, feeding the world and controlling the loss of biodiversity will become increasingly challenging.

In business, some companies may make compromises for the sake of increasing volume and lowering prices. For us, this just isn’t worth it. Volume isn’t our goal if it impacts our values. Everything we do must create a sustainable situation for us and align with our values. We don’t strive to be the biggest, but rather focus our energy and resources on being the best — doing things the right way because it’s the Diestel way – for our consumers who are just as interested in learning about better ways to employ agricultural practices and technologies for a better future.

— Jason Diestel, 4th Generation Family Farmer