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Let’s Be Transparent

Posts Wednesday, May 23rd

When customers ask about our ranch and our practices, we always have the same answer:

“We do turkey one way. The right way.”

It’s what we call the Diestel Difference. This is a promise to always be—not the biggest—but the best. It’s a promise never to give our turkeys anything we wouldn’t give our own children, such as antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, growth promotants, nitrates or nitrites.

Today we are proud to announce confirmed verification of our antibiotic-free practices.

Our products have always been tested by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ensure they contain no antibiotic or drug residues.

Results from USDA National Residue Program testing verify that absolutely no traces of antibiotics, drug residues, pharmaceuticals and added hormones appear in lab tests on our products. For every substance tested, results are consistently: Not Detected. That means you can be completely confident of the wholesomeness of Diestel turkeys. Want to see these test results? Email us at [email protected] because we want to share them with you!

We also are audited and certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) to ensure that our animal husbandry practices meet the highest industry standards. A support letter from GAP confirms that Diestel’s raising practices are of the utmost quality and respected by industry leaders. Want to read what GAP had to say? Email us at [email protected] because we want to share it with you!

Although we are fully confident in our turkey raising practices, we obtained this information directly from the USDA and GAP in response to questions we’ve received.

In the spirit of full transparency, we wanted to share these verifications to provide peace of mind for everyone who comes across our ranch and our products.

These documents confirm what we’ve been saying all along—we do everything we can to provide our animals a healthy life, so you can serve our products to your family with confidence. We hope you’ll take this knowledge as further evidence that you can place your trust in Diestel Family Ranch.

Embedded within our family and company values is a passion to thoughtfully raise the highest quality turkeys. We’re fueled by a desire to produce healthy animals and a quality food supply for consumers. That’s why we value time as an essential ingredient on the ranch and believe that it is our duty to grow each species of birds as they’re meant to be raised.

The other thing we promise is to be transparent about our practices and our business. We want every individual who comes across our products or our farm to understand why we do the things we do.

We value any questions or concerns you may have and invite you to contact us if you want further information about these documents or our turkey raising practices, now and in the future.