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Give Turkeys Time to Be Turkeys

Posts Wednesday, March 7th


My Dad, Tim, has always made it a point to exercise daily and give space for thoughtful reflection. Whether it is spending time outside or writing in a journal, I feel personal reflection is a key component in our very busy world. I also make this a priority and use this time as an opportunity to craft ideas, consider what is truly important and connect these thoughts back to the ranch and products we produce.

This approach to daily life is apparent in how we raise our turkeys; we want them to interact with their surroundings, give them the space to be active and we take the time to think carefully about the decisions we make about their growing environments whether indoors or outdoors.


At Diestel Family Ranch, we slow-grow our birds. Turkeys, and poultry in general, are inherently fast growing compared to other animals raised domestically.

Unlike many turkey farms, we give our turkeys extra time to grow. We pay close attention to what they need throughout their lives, from healthy grains, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and probiotics. These slower growth rates facilitate an environment that is inherently less stressful, creating a healthier and happier raising environment for the turkeys to thrive. This translates into a better product, more value for our customers, and a flavorful and delicious meal choice.

With hard work and passion we have redefined modern farming.

To us, it means cold milling our own grains to preserve natural enzymes, employing regenerative agriculture, and slow growing our birds. While not many farms do it like we do, these are the above and beyond standards that we set for ourselves.