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What's a Good Time?

We think you know.

Turkey, That's What.

It’s low in fat, packed with protein, and bursting with salacious flavor. And yeah, it’s mouthwateringly moist—when you do it right.

Diestel Does it Right

Our birds are naturally, thoughtfully, and obsessively produced on our family ranch in Sonora, California. They’re fed an all-vegetarian feed blend and raised without hormones, antibiotics, or growth stimulants. Then we serve ‘em up just the way you like them—like fresh ground turkey that’s ready to stupefy.

So you can satisfy your hunger all the ways you’ve always wanted but never dared to ask.

Hearty, meaty burgers? Yes.
A taco flavor inferno? Sí.
Big, bold meatballs? Sì.

Only, you know, with the accent pointing the other way since it’s Italian.


Moist On Your Mind?

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Make it Moist

There’s no wrong way to eat your turkey, but there is a wrong way to cook it. Starting with a premium grind is a good start, but you’ve got to give your bird the premium treatment, too.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to be sure your pièce de résisturkey comes out begging to be devoured—just how you want it.


Start with the best

Whether you choose fresh or frozen turkey, it matters what meat you eat. If it says “Diestel Family Ranch,” then you made the right choice. The biggest question is whether you want it now or later; it takes time to thaw frozen ground turkey.


Brown it, baby

A hot grill or skillet and high heat will sear the outside of your meat, helping to keep flavor and moisture in. And remember to use a skillet large enough to keep your meat from steaming in its own juices, or else cook it in batches.


Don’t overcook it

The mistake most people make is to cook their turkey too long. Aim for an internal temperature of 165 degrees. It won’t take long—and honestly, with how great it smells sizzling on the grill, it ought to take more willpower not to take your patties off early.



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