We Love Our Birds – And Then Some.

At Diestel, our farmers are one of our most coveted positions because the way we raise our turkeys is the most important job we do. All Diestel turkeys are raised and certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), ensuring that every one of our animal treatment practices is of the highest standard. GAP has developed a 5-step rating system to rate the level of humane care that animals receive. From step 1 to step 5 each step has its own requirements which must be met and certified before the particular step level can be assigned. Diestel embraces strict animal welfare practices, and when it comes to GAP ratings, it’s no surprise that Diestel was one of the first turkey producer to achieve the highest GAP 5 rating on our Pasture Raised Holiday Turkey.

Breed & Feed Matter.

Raising happy turkeys starts with the breeds we use. Unlike most producers in the industry who use only one standard breed to grow birds ranging from 10-40+ pounds, we use different breeds to ensure our turkeys are fully matured at their naturally intended weight.  We go even one step further, feeding our turkeys a slow growth feed formula using the best sourced corn and soy that’s freshly milled daily on our farm and includes nourishing vitamins and minerals, like Redmond mineral salt. Allowing the turkeys to develop slowly this way, in their own time, not only enhances the their quality of life, but also results in a more tender, juicy and flavorful product.

Thoughtfully Raised.

With the right breed and feed in place, we go above and beyond to ensure we promote the most sustainable and natural environments for our birds to thrive in. Our barns are lined with a bountiful amount of fresh pine-wood shavings, and we use 100% organically approved probiotic and natural cleaners. Our farmers walk the flock daily, paying close attention to the health of the flock to remove the need for antibiotics. Whether indoors or outdoors, we thoughtfully raise our turkeys with plenty of fresh air and room to roam, ensuring we create the absolute best environment we can for their health and comfort.