Sustainability In Action


Join us in sustainable living. Why? Because we want to improve and preserve the clean air we breathe, the water we drink, and the natural landscape we enjoy.

As a consumer, you have the right to choose products that benefit our environment. As a producer, we feel that it is our obligation to preserve our environment for future generations.

Our sustainability plan focuses on providing the best outcome for both our human and natural environments now and into the indefinite future. We are working symbiotically with nature to develop natural solutions. It’s not about limiting our footprint. It’s about eliminating it!

By employing sustainable methods of agriculture, such as composting and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, and inorganic substances, we hope to enrich the earth we live on.


We are…

  • Eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, and inorganic substances in our environment
  • Conserving biological resources
  • Reusing resources instead of land filling
  • Conserving ground water

In detail…

  • We maintain a natural environment for all of our turkeys by eliminating the need for antibiotics and feed additives
  • We maintain a vertically integrated operation, thus significantly reducing the quantity of fossil fuels needed to transport our products
  • We are committed to reducing the footprint that we leave in our environment by reducing our waste stream
  • After processing, we treat all of our used water with a Zenon membrane water filtration system, ensuring that the water we used is then purified, reused, and returned to our environment to be just as pure as it was when it came from our well
  • We treat all of our solid organic waste by windrow composting. Through the use of composting, we reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of products that would normally be land- filled by approximately 70 percent. And by composting our manure, feathers, and cardboard, we are reducing our waste stream by nearly 75 percent!

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