Thoughtfully Raised

Sustainable Farming Goes Beyond Our Ranch’s Fences


Our family is dedicated to a sustainable method of farming. To us thoughtfully raised means giving the birds plenty of fresh air and space to roam, whether indoors or outdoors. Our turkeys are given individual care and a wholesome diet. In fact, since the founding of our ranch we’ve been committed to the philosophy that our operation should be managed with a keen focus on the animals, the environment, and the community.

We believe that our farming methodology provides value through applied innovation, increases the quality and nutrient value of our products, and also stands as an inspiration to others, allowing us to make a long-term impact. We take our responsibility as farmers seriously and we partner with others that share our passion for doing things right.

Each day we support natural and organic farming methods that positively impact our farms, animals and community, so that future generations may enjoy the same family farm that started it all back in 1949.

A Multi-Species Model of Farming

If you come to visit our GAP 5 ranch, you’ll see turkeys roaming around, but you’ll also see flocks of chickens, herds of goats, sheep and cows, and even the occasional pig on our property.

Having multiple species is part of our holistically planned rotational grazing operation. By moving the various animal species every few days throughout our pastures, we’re able to stimulate growth, enhance the pastures’ biodiversity, and enrich the surrounding ecology. To us, turkeys are just one part of the whole ecosystem. We don’t want a “monoculture” system, but rather a diverse system that helps manage itself as nature intended.

Learn more about our family story, and come visit our beautiful ranch for yourself!