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Pasture Raised

It truly doesn’t get any better than a pasture-raised bird. And don’t just take our word for it; Diestel’s pasture-raised turkeys attained the Global Animal Partnership Step 5 rating, which is the highest rating to date.

Under a canopy of oak trees, these birds have it made. Raised slowly on an all-vegetarian diet that is supplemented with fresh, green pastures every day of their adolescent and adult lives, these turkeys receive no antibiotics or chemicals at any point of their lives.

Born in late spring and delivered to the ranch at just one day old, these birds are grown on a multi-species farm. Our farmers care for these fluffy white and brown poults, keeping their water fresh and feed plentiful. The poults are tucked away in a warm cozy barn for the first six weeks of their lives, during which they gain strength and independence. We slowly introduce them to the great outdoors.

As teenagers, the turkeys happily follow their feed and water outside. They are introduced to their multi-species friends: pigs, goats, sheep, and even Rosco, our llama. We utilize a unique grazing system, rotating the animals every three days onto new pasture, creating a symbiotic relationship between our animals, our farm, and the Earth. This practice encourages forage growth and keeps the environment exceptionally clean and healthy. To ward off predators, the birds and their farm friends are protected by the Great Pyrenees/ Anatolian shepherd livestock guardians.

Through the spring showers and summer heat and just into the cool of fall, these turkeys live all day, every day outside. As the birds reach maturity, they develop the delicious flavor and tenderness Diestel turkey is known for. After a healthy and happy life, we harvest these birds on the same ranch that they have grown up on, eliminating any transportation time, and then chill them quickly with an old-fashioned ice-chilling method. We like to keep the process simple and never add or pump our turkeys with any sort of salt solution. Once bagged, we ship these birds out to your local market… just in time for the holiday.

Thank you for purchasing a Diestel Pasture Raised Turkey. We hope you have enjoyed learning about these birds’ unique lives and sincerely appreciate your support of our fourth generation family farm!

From our Family to Yours,

Fourth Generation Family Farmers