Our Family Secrets

Our Family Secrets for the Highest-Quality Turkeys

Our family still raises our turkeys with plenty of room to roam, whether indoors or outdoors, and we source the highest-quality feed, which we mill directly on our ranch. Our secrets for raising premium turkeys? Well, those haven’t changed since our ranch’s founding in 1949. Great Uncle Ernest’s tradition continues on today, and, we consistently use our four family secrets as the basis for our Diestel ranching farming system.

Family Secret #1:

Walk the flock every day. This is a practice, passed down from Great Uncle Ernest, that we have incorporated and refined through the years. We pay close attention to the health of our birds by spending time with them in the fields, observing their behaviors, and making sure that they have the best environment possible.

Family Secret #2:

Concentrate on the health of the birds. Our clean and healthy environment allows the birds to get plenty of exercise and fresh air, and our careful farming management and strict sanitation practices eliminate the need for us to administer antibiotics. On our ranches, a turkey can truly be a turkey.

Family secret #3:

Don’t rush things. We give our turkeys the time to develop flavor naturally. Instead of a high-fat, high-protein diet, Diestel Turkeys enjoy a wholesome 100% vegetarian diet of U.S.-sourced grains.

Family secret #4:

Never compromise on quality. For our family, there are no shortcuts when it comes to producing a Diestel turkey. Our attention to all of the little things reflects the commitment we have to bringing the best possible product directly to you.

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