Meet The Family

Tim & Joan Diestel

Tim grew up in the turkey business working side-by-side with his father, Jack Diestel, and his Great-Uncle, Ernest Bottini. The popularity of the Diestel holiday birds was a direct result of the careful farming practices that the family employed: Allowing the birds to roam free, giving them plenty of time to grow, offering the highest-quality all-natural food sources, and being meticulous about the finished product’s quality.

Tim and Joan met in college. It was a perfect match as Joan became a Registered Dietitian and was committed to making a difference in people’s eating habits. Together they continued the family tradition of producing the best-quality products.

If you call the Diestel Family Turkey Ranch phone number on Thanksgiving Day, or around the holidays, there’s a good chance that Joan or one of the kids will answer the phone – they love that personal connection with the customers, and it’s important for them to stay involved with the very people who have supported and helped build the family business through the years.

Jason Diestel

Jason is the oldest child of Tim and Joan Diestel. Since Jason was young, he’s had an affinity for food and farming, and many of his formative experiences came from working alongside his grandfather and dad on the Diestel Turkey ranch.

While in college, Jason began exploring an expanded vision of sustainable farming. He started a humus composting project, which ignited a passion for carbon farming and creating more nutrient-dense food.

Jason - WFM SoPac

Jason’s study and work with soil has shaped how he presently works on the farm—he understands that the health of the soil is vital to the food web, and as a turkey farmer, he knows that caring for the soil is one of the most important contributions the Diestel Ranch can make.

His work on the ranch goes beyond caring for the ranch’s soil, turkeys, and integrated farming methods—he also promotes his compost to CSA farmers, Master Gardeners, and school gardens to help them improve their farming methods through better education and soil health.

Jason is fully committed to holistic turkey flock health, providing the most premium turkey products possible, and to advancing the nutrient density of the food that the ranch produces. His goal is to continuously move the Diestel Family Ranch forward as a company that is visionary in the health of the ranch, and the vitality of the people who buy Diestel products.

Heidi Diestel


Heidi Diestel is the youngest child of Tim and Joan Diestel. From a young age, Heidi worked alongside her mom, assisting with customer service, going to demos, and working at the ranch.

Heidi has a personal mission to enlighten people about eating well and educating consumers about the nutritional value of whole, pure foods – the type of food that her family’s ranch produces. As part of Heidi’s holistic perspective with nutrition and health, she received her Certified Personal Trainer Certification in 2006 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

As Heidi moves into a more prominent role in the family ranching business, her goal is to educate consumers about the nourishing, restorative properties of good nutrition, and to help people source the cleanest and purest food possible to achieve optimal performance.

Heidi has a particular passion to educate and impact food sources for children, and she works to further the Diestel Family Turkey Ranch’s involvement with school lunches, gardens, and nutritional principles. As a fourth-generation family farmer, Heidi is humbled and thrilled each day for the opportunity to bring quality food to families.

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