Diestel Deli Products

Our deli meats pile it on! Perfectly seasoned with extra doses of scrumptiousness, we serve up handcrafted, artisan goodness – slice after slice. Every flavorful bite comes to you from family farmers who have a passion for doing things right. The Diestel Family has parterened with farmers, processors, ranchers and chefs with generations of experience in the food business who are committed to helping people, animals, and the environment thrive.

How Our Deli Meats Stack Up

  • No Gluten, Casein, Carrageenan, Phosphates or MSG
  • No nitrates, nitrites, artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • No Antibiotics or growth stimulants
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • Only whole muscle meat used. No fillers!
  • All animals thoughtfully raised on sustainable family farms and ranches

Diestel Farms Sustainably Raised Ham & Beef


Family Ranchers

Our passion for sustaining future generations of farmers goes beyond just turkeys! We support hog and cattle ranchers, just like us, who treat their animals with respect and create meat that is truly the best available.

These small family farmers are fighting to sustain a method of farming and a way of life that has existed for generations. By working with family farmers and cooperatives, we’re building long-term relationships with people who share our values, and we’re creating an economic model that allows them to be financially viable. By bringing to market sustainable ham and beef options, we are proud to celebrate food with integrity.

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