Crafted With Care

For us, flavor, nourishment and quality always trump yield and volume. Whether you’re enjoying one of our classic holiday turkeys or starting the day with our breakfast sausage, you can be sure our products are crafted with the utmost care. We want you to savor the authentic flavor of our turkey, so we only use clean ingredients you can read and pronounce. And, when making our ground turkey and deli meats, we use only whole muscle, butcher-quality cuts, giving them a premium texture you won’t find with other brands. It’s these types of details, along with our artisan processes that go into creating the Diestel Difference.

Safety First, Always.

To deliver the safest dinner to your table, we are constantly innovating new ways to keep our facilities clean and our products safe. We’ve minimized our reliance on harsh chemicals, opting to use probiotic cleaning solutions and sanitation practices to keep our production facilities in top condition. We also use innovative technologies like ozonated water when preparing cooked products to help reduce the risk for bacteria. Your confidence in our products and in us as farmers is important to us. All of our organic and non-GMO products are third-party tested to ensure that everyone who handles and processes our food on its journey to you complies with the highest standards. And now, thanks to our Where Food Comes From certification, you can even find out every step your turkey took from our farm to your table.