Frequently Asked Questions

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch – How long has it been in business? Who owns it? Where is it located?
Diestel Family Turkey Ranch has been raising turkeys since 1949. Now in our 4th generation the Diestel Ranch is still family-owned and operated. Our ranch is located in Sonora, California a 2 ½ hour drive just east of San Francisco in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, near Yosemite National Park.

What is the Diestel Family of Turkeys?
We produce the following full selection of turkeys:

What’s the difference between your white-feathered turkeys and brown-feathered turkeys?
The brown feathered birds are a part of our American Heirloom collection. These birds are just like the ones our great-grandma grew! Our American Heirloom birds are organic, and are raised exactly like our Diestel and Diestel Organic turkeys. These Heirloom turkeys have a more rich and complex flavor that most customers really enjoy.

Do you ship directly? Can I order online?
Yes, Diestel does ship directly to your door! Please visit our online store to find the products we currently ship. For any other products we produce but may not ship online we would encourage you to visit a retailer in your area. Click Here to “Find Our Products Locally” for the nearest grocery store or meat market closest to you. If you have a favorite retailer that is not listed, feel free to mention our Diestel Family of Turkey products to them.

Does Diestel work with other farmers?
Yes! Our passion for sustaining future generations of farmers goes beyond our ranches fences. We are proud to support farmers and ranchers just like us, who treat their animals with respect and create meat that is truly the best available. These small family farmers are fighting to sustain a method of farming and a way of life that has existed for generations. By working with family farmers and cooperatives, we’re building long-term relationships with people who share our values, and we’re creating an economic model that allows them to be financially viable. By bringing to market sustainable turkey, ham and beef options, we are proud to celebrate food with integrity.

Are the animals thoughtfully raised & harvested?
Yes! Our animals are raised with room to roam , whether indoors or outdoors. They’re fed an all-vegetarian diet and are given the time to develop naturally. The animals are never given hormones, antibiotics or growth stimulants. Our priority is to ensure the animals are raised thoughtfully and with compassion during every aspect of their life. Ultimately, our animals are happier and healthier which result in more flavorful and better quality products. Learn more about our animal welfare standards and if you would like talk with someone about our commitment to animal welfare feel free to give us a call here at the ranch (209) 532-4950.

How long can a fresh turkey be kept in the refrigerator?
We recommend that a fresh (soft, oven ready) turkey not be kept raw in the refrigerator any longer than 3 days.  If you do not plan to consume it within 3 days, we recommend that you freeze it. This is to ensure the wholesomeness of the product is kept.

Deli Meats:

How our Deli Meats Stack up?

  • No Gluten, Casien, Phosphates or MSG
  • No nitrates, nitrites, artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • No Antibiotics or growth stimulants
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • Only whole muscle meat used. No fillers!
  • All animals thoughtfully raised family farms and ranches

Are your deli meats gluten free?
We are pleased to tell you that Diestel deli meats do not contain gluten-full ingredients! If you are purchasing our deli meats from a deli counter please be sure to check that no gluten has come in contact with the products as allergies vary in severity.

Are your deli meats low sodium?
We do have deli meats that are low sodium and no sodium added! Our oven roasted turkey breast, natural and organic, has only 280mg per 2oz serving! Also our No Salt Added product, natural and organic, contains no salt, except what is naturally occurring.

What are the natural flavorings in Diestel deli meats?
Natural flavorings consist of various spices and seasonings that are added to help make each product unique, and are proprietary to our recipes. None of our deli meats contain MSG.