Brined Mini-Gobbles

Brined Mini-Gobbles:

Our brining process is so delicious, we took one of our most popular turkeys and brined them for you! At 6-10 pounds these little mini-gobbles come in three tasty flavors: Original, Southwestern BBQ, and Lemon-Herb! These Mini-Gobbles are so easy to roast and serve – perfect for any meal!

Get Your Gobble On:

  • No gluten, casien, carrageenan, phosphates, MSG, artifical ingredients, or preservatives
  • Ice-chilled for quality
  • No antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones
  • 100% vegetarian diet, enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • GAP Rated Step 3

Original Brined Mini-Gobble: Lightly seasoned with just a touch of sea salt, this mini-gobble has our trademark old-fashioned rich, juicy turkey flavor.

Southwestern BBQ Mini-Gobble: This mini-gobble has just the right amount of salt and savory spice from our trademark zesty Southwestern brine.

Lemon Savory Herb Mini-Gobble: Citrus and fresh herbs go wonderfully well this little turkey. Brined to perfection, this herb blend is sure to be a family favorite.

Tender and juicy with real old-fashioned flavor:

Our Mini-Gobble turkey is consistently better – tender and juicy with that real old-fashioned turkey flavor.


Our Mini-Gobble turkeys enjoy the freedom of being slow- grown in the clean Sierra Nevada Foothills with individual care, where they are raised longer to develop flavor naturally.

Fed a low- fat vegetarian diet free of growth stimulants and hormones:

Our Mini-Gobble turkeys are fed a wholesome low-fat vegetarian diet of quality grains and soybeans milled on the Diestel ranch and, as always, completely free of growth stimulants and hormones.


Our Mini-Gobble turkeys provide excellent value with more meat, less fat and less water than other turkeys.

Family ranch since 1949:

All these delicious turkeys are grown and processed directly to you by us – the Diestel Ranch. Our ranch is family owned and operated, since 1949, and we’re proud to be one of the last small, family owned turkey grower-processors in the United States.