A Rare Commitment.

Join us in sustainable living as we believe together we can vote with our food dollar, choosing to support products that benefit generations to come. As climatic, environmental and regulatory changes continue to strain natural resources it is our obligation to preserve our environment, rare breeds of turkeys and commit to regenerative agriculture that conserves and enhances natural resources. Everyday and every year we look for ways to raise our turkeys that are better for the bird and better for the environment. Composting our waste, filtering and reusing our water and overall maintaining balance between nature and farming is a commitment we make every day and is a challenge we look forward to solving, together.

So let’s not just talk about a brighter future but let’s lead by example by voting today and every day with your food dollar. After all our family exists for the health and happiness of future generations – both yours and ours.


The Dirt on Composting.

Promoting soil health is vital to our food resources for generations to come. Soil degradation is a widespread issue among farmers and we have dedicated time and resources to find solutions for supporting nutrient density in our soils. While most operations send their organic waste to a landfill, we turn our organic waste into a valuable, nutrient dense soil solution. We treat our barns and pastures with this high quality humus compost creating a diverse and healthy environment for microbiology to thrive. Our composting program helps ensure we don’t need to add artificial fertilizers or chemicals to our land and reduces waste in landfills, all the while improving soil fertility and reducing water usage. S%*t. That’s cool!


Reclaim, Reuse & Restore.

Water is one of the most valuable resources on our planet earth. While the majority of our farms and properties rely on clean well water, we know conserving and reclaiming this water is of the utmost importance. This is why at our main farm we treat all of our used water with a Zenon membrane water filtration system. This ensures the water we use is purified, reused to support our GAP Step 5 pasture program, and returned to our environment just as pure as it was when it came from our well.