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A typical roast turkey week for our family.

Posts Wednesday, March 3rd

Here’s what a typical roast turkey week looks like for our family. It’s a holiday we celebrate as often as we can.

Weeknight meal planning can feel like a lot of work. And then you’ve got to cook the stuff, too? Who invented this crackpot system, anyway? Fear not, fowl-loving friend. We’re here to help you hack it.

If you’re reading this, then you’re no stranger to the succulence that is the roast turkey. And there’s a bonus: one roast bird can last you all week long—and make meal planning (and even prep!) a breeze. Here’s how we make the most of one mouthwatering turkey: 

Saturday: It’s shopping time. Make a list and get the ingredients to make all the dinners through the week. We like to make things like rice ahead, as well as chopping veggies for the week and preparing the turkey for roasting.

Sunday: Roast the turkey, along with potatoes and your favorite vegetables. When it’s done, you can eat your favorite half of the bird (and don’t worry—the second half won’t go to waste). We like to carve the 2nd half of our bird and shred the meat we don’t use, but if you’re short on time, just leave the turkey as-is and pop it in the fridge. 

Make Ahead Options: We’ll usually cook 2 cups dry rice and use it throughout the week depending upon what ends up being on the menu.

Monday: If you leave your turkey whole, carve off the meat and reheat it on the stovetop, making the skin good and crispy. (Yeah, you want that.) Then whip up some easy steamed broccoli (with parmesan and lemon) and a side of brown rice. (If you make the rice ahead you can reheat and make it crispy with butter—a fan favorite here in the Diestel household).

Monday: If you spend the few extra minutes it takes to shred or chop your leftover turkey, you’ll have a whole lot of options for dinner tonight. Below are a few of our favorites (you’ll see ground turkey used in these recipes, but you can easily swap it out for the shredded meat!) And if you don’t use all your shredded turkey, don’t worry—just skip ahead to Thursday’s Breakfast,

Black Bean Turkey Enchiladas

Turkey Teriyaki with Rice

Pulled BBQ Turkey

Monday night or Tuesday morning: Put the turkey carcass in a slow cooker and start a simple slow-cooker turkey stock. Let it simmer for up to 12 hours, and then strain to remove any solids. Chill the stock and toss it in the refrigerator if you’re not using it immediately for Tuesday’s dinner.

Tuesday Dinner: Roast or steam your favorite veggies, boil some pasta and throw together a hearty minestrone soup. If it sounds easy, it’ll feel easier.

Wednesday: Make a tasty sweet corn risotto or vegetable risotto using the rest of the slow-cooker turkey stock – YUM!

Thursday: Use up any leftover vegetables, grains, and meat in scrambled egg tacos.


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