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Trends for 2021

Posts Thursday, December 24th

Whoa Buddy, what a year, what a year, what a mighty, mighty year! And as easy as it’d be to dwell on the dumpster fire in the rearview, we’re looking ahead, our little farm sees lots of food trends, consumer demands, and a whole lotta gotta-have-it mentalities—and let us tell you: There’s a lot to look forward to.


1. Up Your Gut Game:

Roasted garlic, sauerkrauts, and probiotics offer functional ingredients that can give your gut a leg up in supporting the immune system, encouraging health. Y’all want more anti-inflammatory, immune boosting fermentation (okay maybe not a full fermentation) in your daily meals. So while you are boosting your gut (which we do for our birds daily too), pair this goodness with the lean and clean turkey you’ve come to love.


2. Breakfast of Champions:

Gone are the days of racing out the door to battle traffic on your way to the office. It’s time to welcome home that tasty, almost-gone-but-not-forgotten morning ritual we like to call breakfast. Of course around our house, breakfast is a cherished meal that we take very seriously. Cue the breakfast turkey sausage & turkey bacon of your dreams, and hey… we may or may not have a new breakfast product offering soon – so stay tuned!


3. Real Food. Real Babies:

Let’s not underestimate the culinary upheaval of 2020 and how it will impact our kiddos’ menu selection. Parents have had more time to prep their own meals, and now we’re looking to prioritize the same for their kids. Even though the convenience of pouched baby food isn’t going anywhere, parents are branching out on their own, making homemade baby food and learning just how easy it is to bring super nutrient-dense food to their families. (If you want a head start, check out our quick & easy recipes everyone in the family will love!)


4. Food, Climate & World Peace:

You care. We care! And quite frankly we need solutions today and for future farmers. If you’re anything like us, you’re continuously looking for those farms that have thoughtful practices and approach daily production with the future in mind. Of course we’ve published oodles of information on our thoughts for the future and know that with your support this will only continue to grow! The turkeys are pumped and mother Earth deserves some r-e-s-p-e-c-t!

5. 2 Goods, 1 Bad & 1 Funny:

If you know – you know (if not, check it out here). We have heard from so many of you how much you loved adding this into your daily dinner ritual and hey we are thrilled about that! Cheers to finding the joy in every moment and something to bring us a chuckle every day!


Bring it on, 2021. We’re ready for ya.


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