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Hosting Tip #1: How To Pick Your Poultry

Posts Friday, October 9th

It’s almost November, and you know what that means: It’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to give you everything you need to know to host like a pro (whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth). First up? How to pick the right bird:

1. How much time do you want to spend in the kitchen?

Some birds take more effort than others. The first thing you’ll want to decide is how much time you want to spend in the kitchen. If you’re looking forward to a little R&R (that’s roast and relaxation), consider an Oven Roasted Whole Turkey or something like our Cook-in-Bag Roast. If you want an “all hands on turkey” experience, then a raw bird may be best. Check out the full range here.

2. Traditional or… not?

There’s a reason Thanksgiving isn’t spelled o-l-d-f-a-s-h-i-o-n-e-d. You can flavor your fowl any way you’d like. From a little Asian spice to a sweet, sweet maple bourbon glaze, there’s no wrong way to pamper your poultry. Give a little thought to what you’ve got an appetite for, and then plan your side dishes and setting accordingly (more on that another time). 

3. What attributes matter?

There are all kinds of birds to consider: No Antibiotics Ever, Organic, Heirloom, Pasture-Raised—and that’s just the start. (Learn more about those birds here.) Every one of our birds is raised according to strict standards (and will have its own delicious flavor), but for those who are looking for something special, we’ve got it.


4. Do the math.

How many people are you feeding this Thanksgiving? The average adult eats between 1 and 1½ pounds of meat. Kids? Well, treat them like adults, too. If they don’t eat a full 1-1½ pounds, that’s more leftovers for you. Win-win.

5. Know your limits.

You? You can do anything. Your oven, roasting pan, and other kitchen accoutrements may not all be up to the task of a 20-pound bird. Make sure you’ve got what you need on-hand (or else know what you’re going to need to pick up before your big day).


That’s it! See, that wasn’t as complicated as you might’ve believed…


Have a Quick & Easy Turkey Recipe of Your Own?

Throw it on Instagram and tag @diestelfamilyranch. We’d love to see what you’ve got.