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Best Slow Cooker Turkey Dinners

Posts Tuesday, September 29th

It’s officially FALL!

Did you hear us? F-A-L-L!! Get excited. The days are shorter, temperatures are cooler, and life is starting to slow down (oh wait, we were joking on that last part—at least around here). Around the ranch, our lives go into overdrive in autumn, and we LOVE this time of year (yes, we are the crazies of the world who think working double-time until Turkey Day is fun). Needless to say, when our world is moving a mouthwatering mile a minute, easy, set-it and forget-it meals are a must. If you feel the same, or if you’d just like some extra time to spend in the garden, go on a run, meet up for a playdate, or um… work more(?), then here are some ideas for satisfying suppers that are perfect for your busy schedule.

Let’s get to it!


Pulled BBQ Turkey Slow Cooker

This one tastes like pork, with a lighter, less fatty, more flavorful taste! (Does that make this the other, other white meat?) Turkey shreds to perfection, which makes this gold star recipe perfect for salads, soups, sandwiches, burritos, and so much more!


Split Pea Soup

Yes, we know what you are thinking: split pea soup is for grandma’s stovetop… Watch your mouth; your grandma’s a smart woman. Why? Because the whole meal will probably cost you less than $20 to make, and it’s basically food that’s purpose-built for your soul. Grandma still knows best!


Crock Pot Mexican Turkey Soup

With a fast-paced life, we love a good slow-cooked meal. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and it’s tasty-tasty-tasty. (That rhyme counts, right?) Layer a few simple ingredients in your Crock Pot, and then set it and forget it—at least until it’s time for dinner.  The result? A warm, comforting bowl of turkey soup—full-flavored as all get out with chili spices, peppers, tomatoes and more! Perfect as is or serve in a tortilla or over cauliflower rice.


Have a Quick & Easy Turkey Recipe of Your Own?

Throw it on Instagram and tag @diestelfamilyranch. We’d love to see what you’ve got.