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3 Easy Recipes that Put the “Fast” in Breakfast

Posts Tuesday, September 1st

Night time is basically an eight hour fast, so when you wake up it’s time to break it—F-A-S-T.

Weekdays are hectic enough, and it’s H-A-R-D to get breakfast on the table most mornings. That said, it’s true what you’ve heard: breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, getting our systems revved up and replenishing our blood sugar to power into our days: don’t skimp on it. Here are a few of our favorite ‘make ahead’ breakfast dishes for you to put in rotation… They’ll make it easier to start your day on the right (and oh-so delicious) foot! 

Turkey Breakfast Sausage Strata

This recipe is adapted from a recipe from a dear friend of both Tim and Joan’s from college, Pleunette Labberton Monaghan. Our families spent many ski weekends together, and we made the most of our time on the slopes by making this treat for breakfast most mornings. Additionally this easy, make-ahead strata is impressive enough for a special brunch or breakfast for that special someone (or a special treat for your appetite) if you need a little WOW in your lifer! (Bonus points for a little fanned strawberry fancy.)

Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

9 minutes, 3 ingredients and one 400-degree oven is all you need to make this  Paleo and Whole30 approved breakfast treat a part of your gotta-have-it  morning routine. It’s an incredibly easy, even more incredibly tasty (especially during asparagus season!), lean, clean and just-the-right-kind-of-mean way to kick your day off right.

ProTip: Wrap your asparagus the night before so all you have to do is transfer them to your oven!  We know it’s not entirely traditional, but we can’t eat eggs every morning!

Southwestern Turkey Chorizo Frittata

Black beans, corn, and peppers with outrageously flavorful and refreshingly lean (but don’t forget FLAVORFUL) turkey chorizo make a frittata perfect for brunch, lunch or a “breakfast for dinner” meal! Enjoy the flavors, texture and color fiesta this dish throws with pizzazz.

ProTip: Make this the night before and quickly reheat or do like we do and eat it cold… it’s still so good!

Have a Quick & Easy Turkey Recipe of Your Own?

Throw it on Instagram and tag @diestelfamilyranch. We’d love to see what you’ve got.