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Compost Business

We Give A….%#@&!

Posts Wednesday, March 7th


What is compost? In a nutshell, compost is decayed organic matter; it is organic carbon and nitrogen that reacts to breakdown over a period of time.

Compost is crucial for farming and agriculture. Compost is the material left after the organic matter is decomposed, and it can be applied to the land as an organic fertilizer and effective combatant against topsoil erosion because it is densely rich in structure, biology and nutrients.

Some of the many benefits of compost are reduction of greenhouse gases because organic matter does not end up in landfills, reduction of waste, reduction of the use of resources like water, and the building blocks to dramatically build topsoil that has been lost over the last 60 years in the United States.

Compost improves soil structure, helping soil support thriving microbial populations known as the soil food web. These in turn can unlock stored nutrients delivering them to plant roots reducing plant disease, detrimental insect pest pressure, and weed seed germination, resulting in reduced weed pressure through soil health balance.

At Diestel, we take the responsibility to produce high quality compost because we know that in order to produce high quality and nutrient dense foods, you need healthy soil. We have the ability to give back to the planet and our community in a way that is collaborative and that’s why we donate to school and community gardens in our region. While we also sell our compost to local farmers, organic gardeners, and premium organic landscape specialty retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area – we are thrilled to watch how our compost gives back to the plant, people and animals.