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Methos to clean

Reducing Chemicals for Your Family and the Planet

Posts Wednesday, March 7th

The proper handling and processing of meat and poultry products along with thorough cleaning and sanitation of manufacturing plants are critical elements to maintain food safety, and therefore, protect public health. At Diestel Family Ranch, we take food safety seriously. And we go above and beyond to ensure that our products are not only safe but that we continue to find innovative solutions to reduce the use of chemicals throughout our facilities.

At our production facilities we have door foamers and sprayers that reach forklifts, workers’ shoes, and equipment, multiples times per day, in order to prevent pathogens and harmful bacteria from living. We use beneficial probiotics to consume the bio film where pathogens exist. Throughout the work week our sanitation team rotates the use of these probiotics with other cleaning solutions to ensure that bacteria and pathogens do not build resistance.

In addition, we’ve reduced the use of traditional chemicals further by switching to technology that oxygenates fresh, clean water that can be used as a safe and effective cleaner. This powerful sanitizer, disinfectant and natural molecule, cleans food, eliminates and fights airborne contaminants, kills germs and bacteria like salmonella on contact. We spray the oxygenated water on conveyor belts, tables, tools and on the products right before packaging because oxygenated water is completely harmless to humans.

While many other companies rely exclusively on acids or traditional chemicals to clean and sanitize, at the ranch, we prefer to use more natural yet equally effective methods in order to reduce the use of chemicals, and therefore, protect our consumers and planet in the process.