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A Personal Note From The Farmer

Posts Saturday, June 15th

This month, I wanted to take the time to write you, our loyal customers, a personal note about our farm and practices and give you some “food for thought.”

On our family’s ranch, we farm, we care, we innovate. It’s more than a family farm, it is a team. It is Team Diestel that brings these values home!

Your support of our family’s farm is no small thing – every time you purchase products from sustainable family-owned farms such as ours, you are making a powerful choice; you are voting with your dollar.

Every day we ask ourselves: “What am I going to eat today”? And each day we make that choice—voting with our dollars. When we vote we choose what our future is going to look like and what those dollars do to support sustainable farming for future generations.

Voting for our Diestel premium quality products ensures sustainable farming for future generations. From our farms and partner farmer network we raise birds that have been cared for with the highest industry standards. We care about the way we process our finished product, with no filler (excess fat /water) or additives (excess salt or synthetic preservatives). We innovate, by our commitment to leaving things better than we found them. Our continual development of solutions for family farmers has never been more important for sustainability. Learn more about our sustainability and innovation.

We know that our commitment to our community and to our land and livestock is a choice we gladly make each day. There is nothing more sustainable than a nutrient-dense wholesome diet, supported by farmers who care and strive to continue their family farms for future generations. I believe that by voting for Diestel with our dollars we can make a difference in the lives of future generations. Ultimately it is that simple.

We can improve agriculture in the United States and spread the knowledge of what it means to farm sustainably. We invite you to “Live each day with courage,” as it’s not enough to just have the most wholesome, best tasting products…we must challenge ourselves to be better every day. We do this by partnering with organizations such as Global Animal Partnership. In fact, Diestel Family Turkey Ranch was the first to achieve the highest animal welfare rating in the world, a GAP 5+ turkey rating.